Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"When the going gets tough ... the tough get going"

QUESTION: Why is it important to advertise during difficult economic times?

ANSWER: Competition is keenest when money is tightest. If you aren’t reminding your customers and potential customers who you are and why you are important to their lives, someone else will be. And your customers, your potential customers, will become theirs.

QUESTION: Okay, but why should I advertise in Cooperative Living magazine?

ANSWER: Cooperative Living magazine is mailed 10 times a year to nearly 400,000 homes and businesses throughout much of rural and suburban Virginia. This means that nearly one million people will look at the magazine at some point during the one to two months that each issue is current. For the cost of an ad in Cooperative Living, there is not a better print value for communicating your message across Virginia.
Cooperative Living Magazine is:
  • A Virginia tradition for more than 60 years
  • A cooperative publication that is owned – and fully trusted – by those who read it
  • The widest circulated periodical published in Virginia
So get going. Take advantage of the little magazine with the big punch. Advertise in Cooperative Living.

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