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Cooperative Living magazine is the voice of Virginia’s consumer-owned electric cooperatives. Published for more than 65 years, the magazine offers Virginia’s most powerful reach, with its more than 510,000 copies reaching upwards of one million readers 10 times annually.

As consumer-owned electric utilities, cooperatives use Cooperative Living magazine as the primary link with the member-owner. Each issue provides information ranging from energy-efficiency news to cooperative annual-meeting notices and proposed bylaws changes.

But electric cooperatives are also mission-bound to improve life in the communities they serve. So each issue of Cooperative Living includes a wide range of entertaining community-support material, ranging from in-state travel stories to local personality profiles and homespun reader recipes.
Cooperative Living magazine is unique in that it is literally owned by those who read it, and this sense of ownership is reflected in an extraordinarily high rate of readership, as indicated in the publication’s periodic readership surveys.


With 2.5 readers per copy more than 1.2 million people read each issue of Cooperative Living

76% OF READERS took action based on having read Cooperative Living magazine




  • Readers that Personally Traveled:   72%
  • Average Domestic Trips a Year:    3.6 Trips
  • Own a Vacation/Weekend Home:    18% 

Home & Garden Purchases:
  • Purchased Garden & Property Maintence Items:    85%
  • Made Energy Efficency Upgrades to Property:    79%
  • Home Improvements/Remodeling:    49%
  • Phone/Catalog/Internet Shopping:    78%
  • Pet Owners:    60%


    Monthly Readers: 510,000
    Readers Per Copy: 2.5
    Readers across Virginia: 1.2 Million
    Average Time Reading: 40.7
    Regular Readers: 86%
    Strong Brand Loyalty  |  Strong reader response  |  30-60 day shelf-life

    Male: 41%
    Female: 59%

    Average age: 60

Married: 70%

    Attended College: 71%

Household Income:
    Average Income: $90,000

Home Ownership:
    Homeowners: 88%
    Average Lot Size: 18 Acres
    Home Value: $312,000


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