Friday, April 12, 2013

2013 Fairs, Festivals and Travel Destinations

Do you have a special 2013 event or travel destination you want to share with the Commonwealth? 

We would be thrilled to help you promote your event. That's why our annual (and highly discounted) 2013 Fairs, Festivals and Travel Destinations Advertising Sections are back. With one special section devoted to Summer events and one for Fall events, we've got you covered. If you have an event or travel spot to share, why not let Cooperative Living showcase it to almost 500,000 homes and businesses in Virginia.

Business card ads start at $315 and will be seen all over the state by folks ready to travel. If you are interested in participating in this section, email us here.

But don't wait! The deadline for summer events is May 1, 2013. We look forward to seeing you in Cooperative Living.

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